A full-fledged team specialized in data extraction

oneplant is the combination of the expertise of two companies expert in their respective domains


Specialized in data management and processing.

Celine Delaugere OnePlant.jpg

Céline Delaugère


Entrepreneur, Artificial intelligence & computer vision expert and former international fashion model. In 2020, Celine cofounded BAJS between France and India to help tech and AI companies scale their dataset creation. Previously co-founder of Eva Engines, an AI assistant to help fashion brands in their product development.
Education : MinesParisTech, ParisDauphine.

Ronak Patel OnePlant.jpg

Ronak Patel


Technologist. Co-founder of BAJS.ai with Celine, together they have built the company from 0 to 45 people, enabling companies to scale their data operations.
Education : Business IIM Ahmedabad, Mechanical Engineering IIT Mumbai.


Providing cutting edge web scraping tools.

Anis Gandoura_stabler.tech.jpg

Anis Gandoura


Artificial Intelligence and data processing expert. Previously co-founded daco.io, a web scraping & AI company acquired by Veepee in 2018. At Veepee, set up the whole data extraction team and infrastructure.
Education : Polytechnique, HEC Paris

Romain Hévin_stabler.tech.jpg

Romain Hévin


Worked in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, marketing in US & EU companies as a salesman on complex sales cycles. Previously founded Salesfirst in 2019 to bring his passion and expertise in sales to schools, incubators, entrepreneurs and large companies.
Education : Euridis Business School


Paul Mouginot


Former strategy consultant with strong experience in data collection.
Co-founded daco.io with Anis. After the acquisition in 2018, trained and managed 30+ people dedicated to data extraction at Veepee, resulting in a significant, cost-efficient scaling of operations.
Education : CentraleSupélec, ESCP-Europe

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