Your data factory,
operated for you.

Our web scraping engines and expert teams collect data for SMEs & large business at a competitive rate.

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How to get started?

Launch your data factory in only three steps with oneplant

Define your data needs

Answer our dedicated form and upload any relevant information to help us understand your needs : type of data to extract, frequency, deadlines. Time: ~5 min

Connect oneplant to your systems

Jump on an call with your dedicated expert to validate contract, define where to send data in your systems and launch operations. Time: ~20 min

Enjoy your data

onplant now extracts your data on a regular basis and monitors its quality. You can now build technologies on top of it, and contact at any time your dedicated expert.

Why are we unique?

There are many web scraping services, but we are unique. Here's why.

Build stable tech based on your automated data factory

No need to update your web scraping bots ! Our expert teams extract for you exhaustive, high-quality data on all kind of websites. You can now build stable technologies using well-parsed, reliable data streams (CSV, GSheets, MongoDB, API...).

Get rich data at competitive cost

All kinds of websites can be extracted by our in-house bots, even at high volumes, at a cost way below those of our competitors. Our expert teams are also extremely cost-efficient at configuring and maintaining web scraping bots.

Remain legally compliant at all times

As a French and EU company, we are constantly monitoring the legal landscape -including GDPR evolution, to integrate all changes in our technologies. We also respect and share good practices with our clients on a continuous basis.

Receive expert services in complete confidentiality

A dedicated expert is at your disposal to answer your questions or adjust our services. On your client space, you can monitor your past and upcoming invoices in a simple and transparent manner.

High-quality data

Like a ride on a rocket...

You are almost ready to lift-off. Answer a few questions first!

Our clients grow faster with oneplant

See what our clients say about how they extract value from their data

5 / 5

oneplant enabled me to gather so much data on a regular basis, that I decided to adjust my business model and open a BI service

Robin M. - CEO at Robinwood
4.5 / 5

These teams know how to run a data extraction factory. They offer a combination of cutting-edge web scraping tech and expert teams, their level of service is excellent.

Fathi B. - Lead Architect at Veepee
5 / 5

We started working with oneplant on a blockchain data extraction use case, but now we extract additional data to feed our AI engines. We never had this level of flexibility and service before!

John S. - Leading web3 company

Relevant data = Strong competitive advantage

Extracting data is now vital in all business lines. oneplant serves multiple industries and use cases

e-Commerce Websites

Product offer, Prices, Discounts, Reviews, Ratings, Descriptions, Images, Sizes


Transaction informations, NFT collection performances, Cryptocurrency prices, On-chain data, Smart contracts

Real Estate

Listings, Unstructured information on maps,
Data available based on geo-localization

Travel Data

Pricing on travel booking websites
or price comparison websites

Time-based Data

Share prices, Currency data,
Weather forecasts

Web-based Content

Any public information and metadata on websites including social networks

All you need is five minutes.

Answer a few questions, we will call you back!


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